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EXIT ART - about Florian Reinhardt

EXIT. Florian Reinhardt exposes the expansion behind the banality. Eye-catching snapshots guide the viewer with ease into the depths. He picks up the observer in his comfort zone and accompanies him to the fundamental questions of life: What is hidden behind the exit? What happens next? Where does this door take me?

Driven by the desire to find a way out of social norms, Florian constantly bumps into signs that provide hints of a way out. He experiences fantasies of freedom, chills all over his body, dreams of a new beginning. Fragments of images from the past mix with joyful fear of discovering the unknown. Childlike curiosity urges him to follow the signs and at least think about opening the doors. Finally found a solution to fill the inner emptiness? Or just an entrance to a courtyard with garbage cans? Should I dare to open the door, or will disappointment destroy future thrill of anticipation?

To be able to postpone the decision, but to capture the electrified moment, Florian photographs the sign. At first, only to remember the countless occasions of the near-exit. Over the years, the understanding grew that it is not about making a decision, but the process of capturing these moments is the escape from the norm.

The quiet revolution of the present, the powerful momentum of being, the letting go of thoughts is the moment Florian presses the shutter of his camera. The silent snap triggers an explosion of gratitude to be able to document this event and the need to share the experience.

In this way, Florian puts the observer in the moment of the shot. He leaves the Before and After to the viewers, thus creating a vivid scene and transforming the observer into the protagonist. Exit or security? Growth or comfort? To flourish or to follow?

There is always an option. Find your EXIT.